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Called DGD0579U, it is aimed at cordless power tools, e-bikes and autonomous robot appliances.

“Mosfet protection mechanisms are integrated into the device, improving system reliability and optimizing board space,” according to the company. “These include cross-conduction prevention, so that the high-side and low-side mosfets are not on at the same time, and under-voltage lock-out.”

DGD0579U block

Cross-conduction protection monitors the inputs rather than being fed back live from the outputs (diagram left).

The high-side bootstrap diode is built in and an enable pin puts the IC into <1μA stand-by.

Inputs supports TTL and CMOS logic level inputs down to 3.3V (logic high threshold level is 2.5V).

Propagation delay is typically 60ns and delays are matched within 10ns.

The package is a 3 x 3 x 0.75mm W-DFN3030-10.

The DGD0579U product page is here

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