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I recently asked my friends what four famous figures they’d choose to be on their personal Mount Rushmore and the results were not all that surprising. Their choices were so consistent with who they are as people that the exercise felt like a personality recipe that when followed, would *ding* and pop my friend out of the toaster. 

When it was my turn to answer the question, I was shocked at how much my top inspirations included aesthetic considerations—each of my four had a distinct personal style. After questioning my vanity for a good two minutes, I now rest assured that this isn’t a coincidence and is actually borne from true alignment where purpose and values align in every sense, even stylistically. This, my friends, is the pinnacle of success. 

I’m here today to share my fashion Mount Rushmore with you all and, of course, re-create some of their best looks. The four women below not only look good, but they each also follow a consistent process that ensures every look feels like them. While I like to think my personal style stems from my own unique process, these women constantly inspire me and introduce new ways of looking at things. Keep scrolling to see who I’ve chosen along with some amazing pieces I’m certain they would wear today. Who’s on your fashion Mount Rushmore?

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