5 Outdated Clothing Items a Nordstrom Stylist Won’t Wear Leave a comment

Sandy Koszarek is a VIP stylist at Nordstrom. Her day-to-day job consists of guiding style direction for her clients, offering wardrobe tips and tricks, and recommending items to try. So it’s safe to say that she has top-notch sartorial knowledge. In fact, she recently shared the 2022 trends she loves and the shoes she thinks work best with jeans.

Next up, Koszarek decided to highlight more items she’s into and is suggesting to her clients right now. Alternatively, she also decided to offer up each piece’s counterpart that she’s not really feeling because the items feel dated to her personally. Now, of course, all of this information is based on preference, and you should always wear what you love, but for Koszarek, the pieces in question just don’t work for her at the moment.

Keep scrolling to uncover Koszarek’s current shopping list, complete with visual references and product inspiration. 

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