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Fears thar the  Xi’an lockdown might affexct supply have abated and the forecast price dops are less than originally expected.

Samsung and Micron’s Xi’an production facilities are returning to normal with respect to workforce and operational capacity.

Quotes for NAND Flash spot prices which were  suspended immediately after the lockdown due to concerns about the fallout.

As a result, the general decline in NAND Flash spot prices has more or less come to a halt. However, there has been no accompanying signs of spot buyers rushing to procure more products at current prices.

,The decline in mobile NAND Flash storage quotes has in turn narrowed slightly.

Contract prices of UFS products are now expected to decrease by 5-10% QoQ in 1Q22 instead of 8-13% QoQ as previously expected.

Contract prices of server SSD and NAND Flash wafers are expected to decline by 3-8% QoQ and 10-15% QoQ, respectively.

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