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Growing up, my mom was a master at sale shopping. I still remember when she’d take me and my brothers to the mall and sort through the clearance racks like it was her job. She never bought something just because it was on sale—but she always found the best pieces hiding amidst the madness. It’s such a thrill to find a sweet deal, and I like to consider myself a pro at sale shopping. (Thanks, mom!) Most of my favorite pieces in my closet have been bought on discount and luckily for you, I don’t like to gate-keep. I was the girl who when complimented on. her outfit would respond quickly and proudly with a  “Thanks, I got it on sale for half-off at Nordstrom!”

While I can’t take you with me to the mall to search the racks, I did hours of search on the internet and found the best on-sale items across all your favorite retailers. I’m talking Nordstrom, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more. Want to know the best part? All my finds are under-$100. You can thank me later, but get to scrolling and shopping first.

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