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Called STPD01, it will accept between 6 and 26.4V, and, controlled over I2C, deliver 3 to 20V in 20mV steps to meet PD specifications – with slew rate controllable up to 30mV/μs. Current can be set from 100mA to 3 A in 50mA steps.

Featured include discharge circuitry, soft-start, under-voltage lock-out, a programmable watchdog timer, cable-drop compensation and protection against over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature.

Packaging is 3 x 4mm QFN24L.

To go with this is the STEVAL-2STPD01 USB Type-C Power Delivery evaluation kit, created as an expansion card for the company’s NUCLEO-G071RB development board.

The board has two of the programmable buck converters and two Type-C ports, and has an associated software package (STSW-2STPD01) with an application for a STM32G07 microcontroller.

AC multi-port adapters, USB hubs, PC monitors and smart televisions are among the uses ST predicts for the converter.

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