6Pcs – EMF Protection Cell Phone Sticker, Anti Radiation Protector Sticker, HUAGASION EMF Blocker for Mobile Phones, iPad, MacBook, Laptop and All Electronic Devices


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Cell phones, Your wireless internet, Your neighbor’s wifi, Wireless conveniences: smart thermostat, baby monitors, security cameras, Microwave oven, UV Lights, Household light bulbs, The sun etc.

Prolonged exposure to radiation may cause the following to occur:
Fatique, Trouble Sleeping, Tinnitus, Brain Fog, Chest Pain and Heart Palpitations, Skin Reactions, Severe headaches, EMF Radiation Increases Cancer Risks, Neuropsychiatric Effects, Thyroid Issues, Fertility Problems ect.

Huagasion EMF Sticker Product Feature:
Huagasion EMF Stickers have been proven to reduce harmful radiation by 99%., creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.
2. You feel more alert, more energetic, Greater stamina, Grounded, Fewer headaches, Less fatigue.
3. The harmful current accumulated in the bioenergy field of the human body will be effectively entered into the earth’s electromagnetic field to eliminate the harmful current in the human biological field.
4. Protect your body’s healthy cells against harmful EMF or EMR damage,and protect yourself and your family from electro pollution.

5.You can put it on your cell phone and any other electronic devices. It’s a portable EMF protect device,you can take it anywhere!

Intended for
1. Pregnant women,children,the old man, patients.
2. People who use mobile phones,computers,electronic devices often.
3. People who often use Kindle,Computer,Air conditioner, Tablet PC, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Printer,Washing machine,mediacal and office automation equipment.
4. People living or working in the vicinity of high-voltage, substation, radio, radar station, and electromagnetic transmission tower.

How to use EMF Sticker :
1. Flaking and stick to the back of the phone or any other electronic Devices.
2. other devices may require 2, 3, or more depending on the nature of the device

How Does It Work?: Radiation From Common Electronics, Bluetooth, And WI-FI Emit Radiation That Harms Our Body. Radiation Shield Sticker Is Made of Radiation Protection Film and Negative Ion Film, Releasing Negative Ions That Neutralizes Positive Ions Produced by Electronic Devices, to Protect Our Health From EMF Radiation.
Easy to Use: You Can Stick EMR Sticker Easily to The Back of Your Cell Phone And Other Electronic Devices. The EMF Radiation Shield Does Not Degrade! Its Very Long Life,No Need to Replace Tt Yearly, Will Serve You for ALong Time.
Slender Size: Light And Thin Enough That Won’t Make the Phone Heavier, New Ultra-Thin Design, You Can Put It on Your Cell Phone , ipad And Any Other Electronic Equipments. You Can Take It Anywhere! Protect You And Your Family From Radiation.
Widely Used: This Radiation Shield Sticker As a EMR Protector for Tablet PC, Cell Phone, Kindle, Computer, Air Conditioner,Refrigerator,Microwave Oven, Printer,Washing Machine,etc. It Transforms Radiations Into Other Harmless Forms Without Blocking Signals!

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