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Naturally derived skincare has become pretty buzzy in the past few years, but it’s tricky to say what truly qualifies as organic. The FDA doesn’t exactly define or regulate the term when it comes to cosmetics, bodycare, or other personal-care items. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your research if you’re on the hunt for a good product or two that contain nontoxic ingredients.

That being said, there are still so many wonderful brands and retailers out there (shout-out to Credo Beauty!) that hold themselves to a stricter standard when it comes to the ingredients used in the products they sell. Although the products listed below contain organic, skin-loving ingredients and are formulated without harsh toxins, you can’t say a lot of these options are 100% organic. Many beauty products generally need at least a few synthetic ingredients to stay stable or keep them from going bad too quickly. Just something to keep in mind when shopping for organic skincare. If you’re on board and are looking for a few new goodies to try that fall into the youth-enhancing camp, scroll through and find some highly natural picks below.

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