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Regardless of a product’s allure or unceasing buzz, it can be really, really difficult to bite the bullet and invest more than $50 or $100 for a beauty product. And if something is over $150, well, that just takes the dilemma to a whole new level, entirely. That said, even though there are plenty of ultra-spendy products on the market I would tell you to most definitely pass on, certain elixirs are worth every damn penny. The majority of which, hail from a little brand called SkinCeuticals. Ever heard of it?

Finding and investing in Silymarin CF (the brand’s newest antioxidant-powered serum for oily and acne-prone skin) was the best thing to happen to my complexion maybe ever, and even though the $166 price tag makes me a tad clammy, its efficacy has made other products that were clogging up my bank account and counter space obsolete. Still, $166 is nothing to sneeze at, so you can bet your buttons that the instant I heard Dermstore was offering a SkinCeuticals-exclusive sale from February 17 through February 20, I was all over it—filling my cart and texting everyone I know. (Because yes, everyone I know has at least one skincare infatuation bearing the SkinCeuticals name.)

Here’s the scoop: Simply shop until you drop on Dermstore’s website and then use code SKINC15 to score 15% off your products at checkout. The deal can’t be combined with other discounts, and just remember that at the stroke of 11:59 p.m. PT on February 20, the spell will be broken and your favorite products will go back to their standard pricing. To give you a headstart, I’ve listed 20 of Dermstore’s top-selling SkinCeuticals products below, all of which are up for grabs at the 15% discount. Keep scrolling and get shopping!

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