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Do me a favor and go look at your hair brush. Let me guess: You’ve had it for years, and the bristle count is somewhere near 50%. Personally I can’t judge, as I only recently swapped out my own brush. But for such a crucial hair tool in our arsenals, it’s time we invested in it a little bit more. 

So many variables come into play in making a really great hairbrush, from the balance of materials used to the variability of bristle length, flexibility, and density of placement,” says Michael Van Clarke, hairstylist and founder of 3’’’More Inches Haircare and Michael Van Clarke Hairbrushes. “If these things aren’t considered with a high degree of finesse, the result is a clumsy clunky tool which is neither pleasant nor safe to use.”

So when the time comes to upgrade your tools (aka now), it’s important to get a brush that’s worthy of taking care of your strands. That’s why I tapped Van Clarke, as well as two more celebrity hairstylists, to share their hair brush picks—whether you’re looking for a brush for curly hair, thin hair, long hair, or even a round brush, there are picks for every hair need.

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