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I know, I know—it’s hard to concentrate on what Zendaya is wearing when it’s taking every ounce of will not to stare at her hand, clasped inside of Tom Holland’s. I get it. But once you’ve gotten your fix of M.J. and Peter Parker out together on an IRL date (right after Valentine’s Day no less), we need to discuss the Euphoria actor’s low-key and utterly stunning date-night ensemble. That, and how to copy it, of course.

For the couple’s night out in NYC, Zendaya wore the basic that I’d bet every single one of us owns at least one of: an oversize, button-down shirt. But she didn’t style it in the normal way, like with jeans or a skirt. Rather, she went pantless for the occasion, choosing instead to make her button-down into a dress and pair it with a statement belt; sheer, black tights; and a pair of point-toe Christian Louboutin pumps. Alongside her, Holland wore a black turtleneck with a classic, light-gray suit, thus making them our new pick for best-dressed couple of the year.

To make re-creating Zendaya’s look on your next date night a quick and easy task, I went ahead and lined up a bevy of button-down shirt options for you to shop ahead.

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